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Zero-waste, plastic-free options:

Handwash Soap (bars):

Handwash Soap (liquid):

  • Liquid soap can be bought at Refill shops –  bring your own bottle or dispenser.
  • Forgo Handwash – powder in paper sachets, dilute with water.

Facial Soap (bars):

Face Toner:

Face Moisturiser:

Shampoo (liquid):

Shampoo (bars):

Conditioner (liquid):

Conditioner (bars):

Hair Colour (bars):

  • Lush sell henna hair dye in solid block form, which you melt with hot water before use.

Brushes and Combs:

Toothpaste and Floss:


Body Wash (bars):


Body Scrub:

Cotton Buds:

Men’s Products:

Women’s Products:

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Packaging Recycling: