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Zero Waste School options:

School Uniforms:

  • Buy or Sell:
  • Pass on or Donate:
    • The Schooly app allows you to add your schools and then freecycle your unwanted school uniforms and books with other parents in that school.
    • People in Direct Provision may accept donations of school uniforms.
    • Freecycle groups.
    • Some schools have annual uniform sales which give parents a chance to pass on uniforms.
    • Gateway to Education (Limerick) provides secondhand school essentials, such as school books, reading books, clothing, and uniforms.

School Bags:

Communion Outfits:

School Books:

Children’s Sports:

  • The Clubby app allows you add your local sports clubs and freecycle sportswear and sports equipment with the other parents in that club.

Zero Waste in Schools: