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Zero-waste options:

Pet beds, toys & accessories:

  • Donate pet accessories to animal charity:
    • Animal rescue charities are always looking for pet beds, blankets, leads, collars, bowls and toys.  So please contact the animal charities in your area as they are normally very grateful for these. If you have a lot to give away, it is worth contacting a number of different charities, as they will all take something.
    • Maxi Zoo – most or all shops have a donation bin for charities where you can drop off items.
    • St. Vincent de Paws (Cork) – accept donations of pet beds and accessories.

  • How to dispose of pet beds and accessories:

Pet Food – zero waste options:

Zero Waste brands:

  • Patron dog food – profits go to animal charities which you choose when you purchase – their Grain-free range is in compostable packaging, according to the website.
  • Kaya Grain-free Dog Food: “Our Kaya Grain Free Dog Food bags are in fact compostable (excluding the label on front and back, which are easily removable). We would like to have these in a compostable format in the future too.”
  • Compostable Cat Litter – Cat’s Best Original Cat Litter

Homemade dog food:

Leftover dog food:

  • Animal rescue organisations may accept leftover bags of pet food.
  • St. Vincent de Paws (Cork) – will accept pet food.
  • Post it on your local Freecycle group.

Pet Treats (not in plastic):

Dog Shampoo – bars:

Pet Waste: