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Plastic Pots:

How to dispose of plastic pots:

  • Unwanted plastic plant pots are very popular on Freecycle groups, and will probably be snapped up there.
  • Woodies DIY says: “If you have the receipt for the items you purchased you can return the empty pots to your local Woodies store.”
  • Donate them to your local Community Gardens or Men’s Sheds group.
  • Small plastic pots and trays can be placed in your recycle bin – see the guidelines here on

Upcycle your plastic plant pots with jute rope – video.

Ceramic Pots:

Second hand garden pots:

  • These can be bought and sold online
  • Get them (or give them away) free on your local freecycle groups or Olio app.

Many of your used household items can be upcycled into plant pots, including old boots and shoes.

Garden Tools:

Garden Furniture and Ladders:

Lawnmowers and Electrical Garden Tools:

Plastic-Free Gardening:

Plant Sale/Swap – Facebook groups and links:


Home composting:

Compost Bins:

Brown Bins:

  • A brown bin is a bin for food waste that is collected by your local recycling provider.
  • What goes in my brown bin.
  • While most websites say that plastic cannot be put in your brown bin, many people put compostable plastic in their brown bin.  For clarification, check with your local provider.
  • Brown bin – composting process video.