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Electrical items include large and small appliances such as:

Toasters, kettles, hairdryers, fridges, washing machines, cookers, lighting, power tools, lawnmowers, hedge trimmers, etc. Essentially, anything with a plug attached.

Buy Second hand:

Buy Refurbished:

Buy New:

  • When buying a new electrical appliance the retailer is obliged to take back your old item if it is the same type of product as the new one, even if you did not buy it at that shop. The retailer is then obliged to send it for recycling.


What do I do with:

  • Batteries
  • Light Bulbs
  • Satellite Dishes
  • Sewing Machines
  • Lamps, Christmas Lights, Torches


  • Rechargable batteries can be a good alternative to disposable batteries.
  • Batteries contain toxic materials and should not be put in your waste bin as they can leach toxins in landfill.
  • Used batteries should be brought to your nearest civic amenity site from where they are sent for recycling.  All waste batteries will be accepted free of charge, including AA and AAA batteries, torch batteries, watch batteries, car batteries and electric fence batteries. You can also bring used batteries to any shop that sells the same type of battery.

Light Bulbs:

  • Buy low energy light bulbs at and
  • Used light bulbs should not be disposed of in your waste bin.  They should be brought to your nearest civic amenity site to be safely disposed of.  There is no charge for disposal of light bulbs.

Satellite Dishes:

  • Can be disposed of as Electrical Waste (WEEE) by bringing them to your local civic amenity site for recycling.

Sewing machines:

Lamps, lights, torches and Christmas Lights:

  • These can be bought and sold on the various buy and sell sites in Ireland
  • Replacement Christmas tree light bulbs can be bought online.
  • At end of life, these are all regarded as WEEE (waste electronic and electrical equipment) and can be brought back for free recycling at any large electrical and electronics store that sells these.

Energy and Water-Saving Devices:

End of life and recycling:

  • Any electrical item can be brought to a store that sells electrical items.  Retailers in large stores (with an electrical-goods sales area greater than 400 square metres) must accept your small appliances (less than 25 cm high) for recycling without insisting you buy anything.
  • From Curry’s website: 

“Whenever you like, and without buying anything new, you can take to your local Curry’s PC World store any electricals or electronics you no longer want for free recycling.  We accept everything from computers to toasters, and floor cleaners to TVs, whether bought from us or someone else.”

  • If they are beyond repair electrical items can be brought to your nearest civic amenity site.

WEEE (waste electrical and electronic equipment) is accepted in Ireland by the following organisations: