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Soft Plastics Recycling

From a recycling and waste industry expert (Oct. 2021):

“All soft plastics can be placed in the household recycle bin. 

We are not saying that all soft plastics will be recycled.

We have been instructed to deliver the message that all soft plastics can be placed in the household recycle bin, while some of these may not be recycled right now this will change but I won’t be informed when these changes happen so it’s best to just put them all in there clean, dry and loose.”

Crisp packets / Sweet and Biscuit wrappers:

“ALL soft plastics including crisp packets and sweet wrappers could now be placed in the household recycle but these items will not be recycled as there is no market for them so I would continue to use the Terracycle programme.

We have looked into the Terracycle programme and we can’t figure out where or how they are recycling them as there is currently no available market but they could have a contract with some private company.£


“We were told to allow them in the bin, for cling film there was always a caveat that it must be clean so it can have been used to wrap food which the majority of time it would be so it should then go in the general waste bin.”

Food pouches:

“Can all go in recycle bin, but this is one of those items that they don’t really want so it will be used as fuel.”

Are all household collectors accepting soft plastics:

“We have been told that all collectors will be accepting them.”