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How have you been practising zero waste? Let us know..

Comment below and let people know what zero waste practises you’ve adopted in your home and in your lifestyle.

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  • Trying to use fruit and veg before it goes off, ditto for leftovers. Trying to put off shopping for a few extra days, as there’s generally a few more meals in the cupboard to be had. Using containers instead of cling film. Loose tea instead of tea bags. Shampoo bars instead of bottles. 2 compost bins in the garden.

  • I bought a foaming soap dispenser. I use liquid soap, diluted 50:50 with water and a drop of glycerin. It produces a lovely creamy foam so you can fully soap your hands BEFORE you turn on the tap … much less water wasted!
    I buy a large bottle of castille liquid soap. It lasts for ages. I would buy the soap in my local refill shop except the one they have is too strongly perfumed.

  • I bought second hand handkerchiefs that I use instead of tissues.

    I stopped using paper napkins or kitchen towel with my meals, and use cloth napkins instead.

    I use cloth sanitary pads, that were made in Ireland.

  • I use shampoo and conditioner bars for my hair.
    I use bar soap for showering, I’ve never used shower gel.
    I use facial bar soap and solid cleansing bars for my face.
    For moisturiser I use solid moisturiser or liquid moisturiser in an aluminium container (bought online).
    I use vinegar (in a glass bottle from Dunnes) diluted with water for cleaning surfaces, and I also use the Ocean Savers sachets.
    I use scouring powder (from a refill shop) for tougher cleaning jobs in the kitchen and bathroom.
    For washing up I have a solid bar and I also get washing up liquid refills from a refill shop.
    I use laundry sheets for doing washing and I have soap nuts that I occasionally use.
    Instead of kitchen towels I use face cloths, and I have an old sheet that I’m planning to cut up for cloths.
    I buy loose fruit and vegetables.
    I bought an Almond Cow second hand for making nut milks.
    I buy a lot of food from zero waste shops such as lentils, rice, pasta, nuts, seeds, dates, coconut, spices, stock powder, etc.
    I’m a member of my local Freecycle group and I’ve given away a lot of stuff I don’t need.
    I recently gave away a ton of books to
    I have a capsule wardrobe so I never buy clothes.
    I try to buy things in paper, cardboard, glass or aluminium instead of plastic, or with zero packaging wherever possible.
    I have a compost bin and use it for leftover food, peelings, tissues, and garden cuttings.

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