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Getting Started

How the website works:

  • The purpose of the website is to provide a directory of links which help you reduce the amount of waste you generate.
  • These links include lists of Freecycle groups around Ireland, list of zero waste shops, charity shops, repair shops, buy and sell sites, etc.
  • If you have items that you no longer need, click on the relevant tab on the menu to see what your options are for keeping that item in use. Those options may include selling the item, donating it to charity, swapping or bartering, giving it away free, repairing or upcycling.
  • In a Circular Economy, nothing would be thrown away, and everything would remain in use or be fully recycled, repaired, re-used, upcycled or re-designed.
  • Read more about the Circular Economy here.

Zero Waste means:

  • Keeping things out of your waste bin.
  • Trying to eliminate single-use plastic – this includes plastic bags, bottles, containers, plastic packaging and film.
  • Trying to cut down on your use of packaging in general by shopping at zero waste stores and markets, and cooking your food from scratch.
  • If you have things you no longer need, don’t throw them away. You can sell them, give them away free or donate them to charity.

Getting started:

In the Kitchen and Bathroom:

Sell and buy second hand:

Donate, swap or give away:

Food and Packaging:

  • Look for a zero-waste/refill shop near you.  Bring your own containers when buying food.
  • Try to avoid packaging if possible, and recycle any packaging you have.
  • Bring a shopping bag with you when buying fruit and vegetables, or sign up for a vegbox scheme.
  • Join the OLIO app which allows you to give leftover packages of food to neighbours.
  • Avoid food waste.
  • Buy a compost bin, or get a second hand compost bin online.
  • Lots more zero waste food tips here.


Return and Recycle:

  • Have electronics repaired, bring them back to the shop, or bring them to your local civic amenity site where they will be sent for recycling.
  • Look for shops which accept the return of old shoes and clothes for recycling.

General tips:

  • Buy good quality items that last longer, and things with a life-time guarantee.
  • Before you buy, ask yourself if you really need it, or if you could get it free or used from someone else.
  • Rent if you don’t need to buy.
  • Don’t throw anything away, there is always someone who can use it.