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Children’s Clothes

Baby and Children (pre-loved shops):

FACEBOOK GROUPS – buy, sell, free & swap:


Local city/county areas:

Do a google search for a baby and children’s group in your area.

See also: Freecycle groups, Charity shops, Buy & Sell sites.

Direct Provision Initiatives – Lets Match Mums

Baby and Children’s Clothes (Rental):

Baby and Children’s Clothes (Buy New):

  • Síoló – “Organic – GOTS certified – Oeko Tex certified – fair wages and working conditions – natural – renewable – recycled – recyclable – biodegradeable – compostable – cruelty free – plastic free – hand made – small batches – locally designed and/or produced.  With our Síológ Replanted initiative, items that you buy from us can be returned within 2 years of purchase, provided that they are in gently used/undamaged condition. In exchange we will give you a 25% discount off your next order with us.
  • – “Ethical fashion for kids and adults.”

End of Life Clothes:

Clothes that are no longer suitable for re-wear:

  • Put them in a bag marked ‘rags’ and bring to a charity shop that accepts rags.
  • Penneys textile take-back scheme (bins located in their stores). Clothing, footwear, bags, towels and bedsheets can be placed in the bins. Scheme is operated by Yellow Octopus who state that nothing ends up in landfill and all textiles are re-used or recycled.