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Duvets and Pillows:

How to wash a duvet:

  • Duvets can be washed in large washing machines at Revolution Laundry – located at petrol stations, supermarket car parks, etc. around Ireland.

Disposing of duvets and pillows:

Duvets and pillows are not accepted at civic amenity sites or by charity shops. However, they may are accepted by these charities:

  • Some animal rescues may accept things like duvets and pillows.  Some already have enough, and others are in need of them, so it is worth making a number of inquiries.
  • Duvets can be washed before giving them away – large washing machines at Revolution Laundry – located at petrol stations, supermarket car parks, etc. around Ireland.
  • Freecycle groups may also take them.
  • Dublin:
    • Dogs Trust (Dublin) – “We do indeed take duvets and bedding, just not those of the feathered kind as our residents like to pull those to pieces. We take teddy bears, just not those with battery packs inside as some of our residents like to pull them apart and they could be dangerous. We also take towels, duvets and bedding. Unfortunately, we cannot accept any pillows or duvets filled with feathers as our residents like to pull those to pieces. Our Rehoming Centre is temporarily closed to visitors, but there will be a donation bin just inside the door that you can pop the donation in. If you need directions to our Rehoming Centre, you will find them via this link.” (Nov. 2021).
    • My Lovely Horse Rescue, and Dogs Aid Finglas also look for bedding from time to time.
  • Cork:
    • Cork Simon – “We are currently accepting donations of sleeping bags, duvets, single fitted sheets and single duvet covers. These items can be donated to our office in Cove ST. The office hours are Mon – Fri 9-5 pm.” (Nov. 2021).

Upcycling duvets and pillows:

  • Upcycling ideas for old pillows.
  • Make a child’s spare bed – sew 4 pillow cases together and insert 4 pillows.
  • Use the pillow(s) to make a bed for a dog.
  • Upcycling ideas for old duvets.

Bed Linen and Blankets:

  • Bed linen and blankets are accepted by The Clothes Pod – a list of their bring banks around the country is on their website.
  • Penneys textile take-back scheme (bins in their stores) accepts bedsheets.
  • Husky Rescue Ireland (Dublin) take duvet covers and other bedding (but not duvets).
  • Animal charities often take duvet covers and blankets.
  • You could also try giving them away on your local Freecycle group, or selling/buying on Buy and Sell sites and groups.


  • When you purchase a new mattress, the shop will usually arrange to pick up your old mattress for an additional fee.  Make sure to ask them if the old mattress is being sent for recycling.

Mattress recycling facilities around Ireland:

  • Dublin – Eco Mattress Recycling provides a free collection service to all our commercial mattress suppliers and door to door mattress collection service for domestic customers for a fee across the Dublin area. Please phone or e-mail us for a price quote. We are fully licensed and hold waste collection and waste facility permits. And guarantee 100% recycling of all products collected.
  • Galway – BounceBack Recycling provides a domestic collection service in the Galway and wider area. Contact 091 760877 for a quote. 
  • Cork – Cork Mattress Recycling
  • Wicklow – Wicklow Mattress Disposal
  • Meath, Kildare, Wexford and Dublin – Michael Murphy
  • For other cities, do a google search for mattress recycling in your area. 

Mattress recycling – video


Harvey Norman: “We send old mattress to be recycled. But any bed bases, headboards and bed frames are not sent for recycling. We offer a disposal service for old bed bases, headboards and bed frames if needed.”