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Zero-waste, zero-packaging, plastic-free, compostable and home-made cleaning products:



General Cleaning:

Where to Buy:

Cloths, Sponges & Scrubbers:

Household Gloves:

*Note that some manufacturers claim their gloves are home compostable, but many of these do not actually have ‘Home Compostable’ certification:

Terracycle Ireland run a recycling program for rubber gloves.

Anti-bacterial surface cleaner:

Kitchen Roll:

Washing Up:

Laundry Cleaner:

Floor Cleaning:

Oven Cleaner:

  • Iron&Velvet – oven cleaner sachet that dissolves in water.

Toilet Paper:

Toilet cleaner:

Liquid Soap:

Bath Mats:

Furniture Polish:

Window Cleaner:

  • Iron&Velvet – window cleaner sachets which dissolve in water.
  • Washing up liquid (see above) dissolved in warm water can be used to clean windows.

Glass and Mirror Cleaner:

  • Iron&Velvet – glass cleaner sachets which dissolve in water.
  • Ocean Savers – glass cleaner dissolving sachets.
  • GreenQube – glass cleaner dissolving sachet – comes as part of a multipack.

Air Fresheners: