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Find a Repair Shop:

  •  – lists of repair shops around Ireland – click on any of the tabs on the screen to see a map of repair shops in your area.
  • Men’s Sheds in Ireland are not repair cafes as such, however they may be willing to repair some of your items.

Repair Cafes:

  • List of Repair Cafes in Ireland – a repair cafe is a group of volunteers in a local area who meet in order to repair broken items and pass on their repair skills to others.

Repair it yourself:

  • IFIXIT – use the Search button to look for repair guides for your broken item.
  • T-Rex tape – translucent tape for repairing household items, holes and tears, outdoor gear, etc.
  • Tec7 – adhesive sealant.
  • FixIts – from
  • How to fix a toaster that doesn’t stay down – video.

Mend your own clothes:

DIY Shoe Repair:

Spare parts: