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Find zero-waste, zero-packaging and plastic-free options for the following:





  • Loose mineral eyeshadow can be bought package free at Minimal Waste Grocery refill shop in Dublin.  Online orders delivered by courier.  Powder comes in a paper bag.

Solid Mascara:


Makeup applicator/remover pads:

How to Recycle:

  • If you are going zero-waste and still have cosmetics tubes and containers, they can be recycled with Terracycle’s Garnier program. 
  • From this article, regarding the Terracycle Garnier program:

Waste products currently acceptable for collection are haircare, skincare and cosmetics packaging, including shampoo and conditioner bottles and caps, hairspray caps, lotion dispensers, gel tubes, lipstick cases, mascara tubes, compacts, palettes, foundation bottles, concealer tubes and eyeliner pencils (just make sure they’re clean first).