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Zero Waste Shops

Online Zero Waste/Bulk/Refill Stores – countrywide delivery List of Zero Waste/Refill Stores in Ireland More online shops What type of packaging do refill stores get their stock in? Online Zero Waste/Bulk/Refill Stores – countrywide delivery: Minimal Waste Grocery – Dublin The Source Bulk Foods – Dublin Nuts in Bulk – Dublin Nutty Delights – Dublin …

Zero Waste Groups in Ireland (Facebook)

Ireland: Zero Waste Ireland Dublin: Zero Waste Dublin Cork: Zero Waste Cork Galway: Zero Waste Galway Mayo: Zero Waste Freecycle Mayo Carlow/Kilkenny: Zero Waste Freecycle Carlow/Kilkenny Wicklow: Zero Waste Wicklow Town Waterford: Zero Waste Waterford Wexford: Zero Waste Wexford Wexford Reduce Reuse Recycle Do a search on Facebook for zero waste groups in your area.